Amity University Noida Admission Process 2023 – Online Application Form, Courses, Merit list

Amity University Noida Admission

Lastest Admission Update 2023: – Amity University Conducts an Annual Entrance Exam Called Amity JEE to Assess the Eligibility of Students for Admission Into Its Program. If You Are Interested in Pursuing a Degree at Amity University, It is Advised to Promptly Fill Out the Online Exam Form for Amity JEE. This Exam Allows Students to Seek Admission to Various Campuses of Amity University, Including the Noida Campus. The Deadline for Submitting the Online Exam Form for Amity JEE is July 31, 2023. Make Sure to Complete the Form Before This Date Using the Official Website of Amity University.

Amity University, Noida Has Extended the Last Date for the Admission Process. The New Deadline is Now July 31, 2023. This Extension Provides Students With More Time to Apply for Admission Without Rushing. If You Are Interested in Securing Admission at Amity University, It is Advisable to Apply for the Courses as Soon as Possible. After the Specified Last Date, the Admission Process May Be Closed.

All About Amity University Noida:

Amity University, Located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, is a Prominent Private University in India Known for Its Focus on Research and Innovation. It Was Officially Established on March 24, 2005, With the Aim of Providing High-quality Higher Education Using the Latest Educational Methods. Despite Being a Private Institution, It Has Surpassed Several Government Universities in Terms of Its Education Policies. The University Holds Recognition From the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Approval From the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Additionally, It Has Received Accreditation With an ‘A+’ Grade From the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Amity University is Also a Proud Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (Acu) and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

The Noida Campus of Amity University Occupies a Vast Area of 1000 Acres and is Equipped With State-of-the-art Facilities. It Offers a Wide Range of Courses Through Both Regular and Distance Learning Modes. The University Holds the First Position in India as a Not-for-profit Private University According to the India Today University Rankings. In a Time Where Access to Quality Education is Not Easy for Everyone, Amity University Has Played a Vital Role in Helping Many Students Realize Their Dreams and Reach New Heights That May Have Otherwise Been Unattainable.

Amity University Noida Admission Process 2023:

Amity University, Located in Noida, Provides Admission Opportunities in a Wide Range of Courses, Such as Agriculture, Engineering, Hotel Management, Management, Paramedical, Arts, IT, Science, Media & Mass Communication, and More. If You Are Interested in Pursuing Your Studies at Amity University, Noida, You Have Two Options for the Admission Process: Online Mode and Offline Mode.

For Students Who Have Achieved a Score of 80% or Above in Their Class XII Exams (CBSE/ISC/State Boards of 2023/2024), Amity University, Noida Offers Direct Admission. Additionally, the University Conducts Written Tests, Group Discussions, and/or Interviews as Part of the Admission Process for Various Courses. For the Programs, Admission is Granted Through the Amity JEE (Amity – Joint Entrance Examination).

Instructions for Completing the Online Application Form:

To Begin the Process, Click Here to Filling Out the Online Application Form for Amity University, Noida. Once There, You Will Be Required to Provide Various Details in the Online Application Form, Including Basic Information, Program/campus Preferences, Personal Information, Educational Background, Family Details, and Other Relevant Information. Additionally, You Will Need to Upload Scanned Copies of Your Passport-sized Photograph and Your Class X Mark Sheet. Following This, You Will Be Directed to Make a Payment of Rs. 1100 for the Application Form Fee, Which Can Be Done Through a Debit or Credit Card.

Instructions for Completing the Offline Application Form:

If You Prefer to Submit an Offline Application, You Must Access the Same Link Provided for Online Applications. Fill in All the Necessary Details and Download the Application Form. Once Downloaded, You Will Need to Submit the Completed Application Form, Along With a Passport-sized Photograph and Your Class X Mark Sheet, to the Noida Campus of Amity University. Additionally, You Are Required to Pay the Application Fee of Rs. 1100 Through a Demand Draft (DD) Made in Favor of the ‘amity Form,’ Payable in New Delhi.

Complete List of Amity University Noida Courses:

Amity University, Located in Noida, Offers a Wide Range of Courses, Which Are Listed in the Provided Table. The University Provides Comprehensive Details About Each Course for Prospective Students to Explore.

Amity University, Noida Bachelor’s Programmes (3 & 4 Years Duration):

Actuarial Science Biotech
B.Sc. (Actuarial Science) B.Sc. (Hons) – Biotechnology
Aeronautical & Automobile B.Sc. (Hons) – Biotechnology + B. Ed.
B.Tech (Industrial Heavy Machinery) B.Sc. (Hons) – Microbiology
B.Tech (Automobile Engineering) B.Sc. (Hons) – Medical Biotechnology
B.Tech (Aeronautical Engineering) B.Sc. (Hons) – Biotechnology(3 Continent )
Management B.Sc. (Hons) – Zoology
B.A. (Hons) – PPE Philosophy, Politics & Economics B.Sc. (Hons) – Zoology + B. Ed.
B.Com. (Hons) B.Sc. (Hons.) – Medical Biotechnology (3 Continent)
BBA B.Sc. + M.Sc. – Biotechnology (Dual Degree)
BBA (Artificial Intelligence) B.Tech (Biotechnology)
BBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) B.Tech. (Biotechnology) – 3 Continent
BBA (Business Development) B.Tech (Biotechnology) Evening
BBA (3 Continent) B.Tech (Bioinformatics)
BBA (Business Intelligence & Data Analytics) B.Tech + M.Tech (Biotechnology) – Integrated
BBA (Finance & Accounting) Engineering
BBA (Healthcare Management) B. Tech (Civil Engg.) – 3 Continent
BBA (International Business with Artificial Intelligence) B. Tech (Computer Science & Engg.) – 3 Continent
BBA (International Business) B. Tech (Electronics & Communications Engg.) – 3 Continent
BBA (International Business) Evening B.Tech (Aeronautical Engineering)
BBA (Marketing & Sales) B.Tech (Aerospace Engg.) + M.Tech (Avionics) – Integrated
BBA LL.B. (Hons) B.Tech (Bioinformatics)
BBA (International) B.Tech (Biotechnology)
BBA (Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure) B.Tech (Aerospace Engineering)
BBA + MBA (International Business) – Integrated B.Tech (Automobile Engineering)
BBA + MBA – Integrated B.Tech (Avionics)
Aerospace B.Tech (Biotechnology) Evening
B.Tech. + M.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering) – Integrated B.Tech (Civil Engineering)
B.Tech (Aerospace Engineering) B.Tech (Civil Engg.) + MBA – Integrated
Animation B.Tech (Computer Science & Engg.) + MBA – Integrated
BFA (Animation) B.Tech (Computer Science & Engg.) Evening
Anthropology B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Anthropology B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
Applied Sciences B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Mathematics B.Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Mathematics + B. Ed. B.Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Physics + B. Ed. B.Tech (Industrial Heavy Machinery)
Bachelor of Statistics B.Tech (Information Technology)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Chemistry B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.) + MBA – Integrated
B.Sc. (Hons) – Physics B.Tech (Food Technology)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Chemistry + B. Ed. B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.) Evening
English literature B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
B.A. (Hons) – English B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) + M.Tech (Automobile Engineering) – Integrated
B.A. (Hons) – English + B. Ed. B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) + MBA – Integrated
Environment B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) – 3 Continent
B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences) B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) – Evening
B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences) + B. Ed. B.Tech (Nanotechnology)
Fashion B.Tech (Nuclear Science & Technology)
B. Des. (Fashion Design) – 3 Continent B.Tech (Civil Engg. – International)
B. Des. (Fashion Technology) B.Tech (Computer Science Engg. – International)
B. Des. (Fashion Communication) B.Tech (Solar and Alternate Energy)
B. Des. (Fashion Design) B.Tech + M.Tech (Nanotechnology) – Integrated
B. Des. (Textile Design) B.Tech(Electrical & Electronics Engg. – International)
Film & Drama B.Tech (Mechanical Engg. – International)
B.A. (Acting) B.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence)
Certificate in Acting B.Tech. + M.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering) – Integrated
B.A. (Film & Television Production) B.Tech. (Biotechnology) – 3 Continent
Education Architecture
Diploma in Elementary Education Bachelor of Planning
B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education) Bachelor of Architecture
Integrated B.A. B.Ed. Special Education Commerce
Integrated B.Com. B.Ed. Special Education B.Com (Finance & Investment Analysis)
Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed. Special Education B.Com. (Hons)
Forensic Sciences B.Com. (Hons) – Evening
B.Sc. (Hons) – Forensic Sciences B.Com., LL.B. (Hons)
Forestry & Wildlife Sciences Communication
B.Sc. (Hons) – Forestry B.A. (Film & Television Production)
Geo – Informatics & Remote Sensing Computer Science/ IT
B.Sc. (Geo-Informatics) B.Sc. (IT)
Health Sciences BCA
Hospital Administration BCA + MCA (Dual Degree)
BBA (Healthcare Management) Diploma In Information Technology
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy BCA (Evening)
Hotel Management Hospitality Diploma in Information Technology (weekend)
Bachelor of Hotel Management Economics
Diploma in Food Production B.A. (Hons) – Economics
Insurance B.A. (Hons) – Economics + B. Ed.
B.A. (Hons) – Insurance & Banking B.A. (Hons) -PPE Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Insurance and Banking Finance
B.A. (Hons) – Insurance & Banking BBA (Finance & Accounting)
Interior Design Fine Arts
Bachelor of Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Arts
International Relations BFA (Animation)
B.A (Hons.) – International Relations BFA (Visual Communication)
Food Technology Journalism
B.Tech (Food Technology) B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
Design B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) – 3 Continent
B. Des. (Product Design)

Amity University, Noida Master’s (2 Years Duration) and Ph.D. (3 Years Duration) Programmes:

Actuarial Science Master of Statistics
MA (Advertising & Marketing Management) Ph.D. (Mathematics)
MA (PR & Event Management) Ph.D. (Mathematics) – Part Time
M.Sc (Actuarial Science) Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Advertising & PR Ph.D. (Chemistry) – Part Time
Aerospace Ph.D. (Natural Product Chemistry)
M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering) Ph.D. (Natural Product Chemistry) – Part Time
Anthropology Ph.D. (Physics)
M.Sc. (Anthropology) Ph.D. (Radiation Biology)
Ph.D. (Anthropology) Ph.D. (Radiation Biology) – Part Tim
M.Phil (Anthropology) Ph.D. (Physics) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Anthropology) – Part Time Ph.D. (Statistics)
Applied Sciences Ph.D. (Statistics) – Part Time
M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry) Commerce
M.Sc. (Applied Physics) Master of Commerce
M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) M.Com. (Financial Management)
M.Sc. (Medical Physics) Ph.D. (Commerce)
Economics Ph.D. (Commerce) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Economics) Ph.D. (Finance) – Part Time
MA (Economics) Ph.D. (Finance)
Ph.D. (Economics) – Part Time Engineering
Education M.Sc. (Nanoscience by Research)
B.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability) M.Sc. (Nanoscience by Research) + M.Tech (Nanotech) – Integrated
Master of Education M.Tech (Automobile Engg.)
Bachelor of Education M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering)
Ph.D. (Education) M.Tech (Avionics)
Ph.D. (Education) – Part Time M.Tech (Computer Network and Information Security)
Architecture M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
Ph.D. (Architecture & Planning) M.Tech (Control Systems)
Master of Architecture M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Weekend
Ph.D. (Architecture & Planning) – Part Time M.Tech (Data Science)
Biotech M.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) M.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engg.)Weekend
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) M.Tech (Embedded Systems Technology)
Ph.D. (Bioinformatics) – Part Time M.Tech (Nanotechnology)
Ph.D. (Biotechnology) M.Tech (Power Systems)
Ph.D. (Bioinformatics) M.Tech (Mechatronics)
Ph.D. (Radiation Biology) M.Tech (Telecommunication Systems Engg) Weekend
Chemistry Research & Studies M.Tech (Wireless Communication)
Ph.D. (Molecular Science & Engineering) M.Tech. (Polymer Science & Technology)
Ph.D. (Biotechnology) – Part Time M.Tech (Solar and Alternative Energy)
M.Sc. (Microbiology) M.Tech (Environmental Engineering)
M.Tech (Biotechnology) M.Tech (Industrial & Production Engineering)
Ph.D. (Cellular & Molecular Oncology) M.Tech (Structural Engineering)
Ph.D. (Cellular & Molecular Oncology) – Part Time M.Tech (Telecommunication Systems Engg)
MBA (Biotechnology Management) M.Tech (Information Technology)
Ph.D. (Stem Cell Science & Technology) M.Tech (Thermal & Fluid Science)
Ph.D. (Stem Cell Science & Technology) – Part Time M.Tech (VLSI)
Ph.D. (Molecular Science & Engineering) – Part Time M.Tech. (Water Technology and Management)
Journalism M.Tech. – Nuclear Science & Technology
Language Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering) – Part Time
Ph.D. (English) Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)
M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering)
Ph.D. (English) – Part-Time Ph.D. (Civil Engineering) – Part Time
Communication Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering)
MA (Film & TV Production) Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering) – Part Time
MBA (Media Management) Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)
Computer Science/ IT Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) – Part Time
M.Sc. (Network Technology & Management) Ph.D. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Weekend Ph.D. (Mechanical and Automation Engineering)
M.Tech (Information Technology) Ph.D. (Mechanical and Automation Engineering) – Part Time
M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Ph.D. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) – Part Time
MCA English literature
Ph.D. (Information Technology) M. Phil (English)
Post Graduate Diploma in Network Configuration and Administration Ph.D. (English) – Part-Time
Ph.D. (Information Technology) – Part Time M.A. (English)
Post Graduate Diploma in Big Data Analytics (weekend) Ph.D. (English)
Post Graduate Diploma in Network Configuration and Administration (weekend) Fashion
Defence & Strategic Studies M. A. (Fashion Retail Management)
Ph.D. (Defence & Strategic Studies) M.A. (Fashion & Textile Merchandising)
Ph.D. (Defence & Strategic Studies) – Part Time MBA (Fashion Management)
M.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies) M. Design (Fashion & Textiles)
Law Ph.D. (Fashion Design) – Part Time
LLB Ph.D. (Fashion Management)
LLM (Business Law) Film & Drama
LLM (Family Law) M.Sc. (Environmental Health Sciences & Management)
LLM (Human Rights) Ph.D. (Cellular & Molecular Oncology)
LLM (International Trade & Economic Law) Ph.D. (Stem Cell Science & Technology) – Part Time
LLM (Intellectual Property) Ph.D. (Cellular & Molecular Oncology) – Part Time
LLM (Constitutional Law) MA (Film & TV Production)
LLM (Criminal Law) Health & Medical Sciences
LLM (Corporate Banking & Insurance Law) PG Diploma in Acting
LLM (International Environmental Law) Ph.D. (Stem Cell Science & Technology)
LLM (Media & Entertainment Law) Finance
LLM (Medical & Health Law) Ph.D. (Finance)
LLM (Tax Law) Ph.D. (Finance) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Law) Fine Arts
MBA (Logistics) MFA (Visual Communication)
MBA (Supply Chain Management) Ph.D. (Fine Arts)
Ph.D. (Law) – Part Time MFA (Applied Arts)
Logistic & Supply Chain Management MFA (Painting)
Environment Ph.D. (Fine Arts) – Part Time
M.Sc. (Environmental Health Sciences & Management) Horticulture
M.Tech (Environmental Engineering) Ph.D. (Horticulture)
M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences) M.Sc. – Horticulture (Post Harvest Technology)
M.Tech. (Water Technology and Management) Ph.D. (Horticulture) – Part Time
PG Diploma in Climate Change and Mitigation Hospital Administration
PG Diploma in Disaster Management Master of Hospital Administration
Ph.D. (Climate Change & Ecological Studies) MBA (Hospitality Management)
PG Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing Hotel Management Hospitality
Ph.D. (Climate Change & Ecological Studies) – Part Time Ph.D. (Hospitality)
Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences) Ph.D. (Hospitality) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences) – Part Time Insurance and Banking
Forensic Sciences M.Sc (Actuarial Science)
M.Sc. (Forensic Sciences) MBA (Insurance & Banking)
Ph.D. (Forensic Sciences) MBA (Insurance & Financial Planning)
Ph.D. (Forensic Sciences) – Part Time Interior Design
Forestry & Wildlife Sciences Master of Interior Design
M.Sc. (Wildlife Science) International Relations
Geo-Informatics & Remote Sensing M.A. (International Relations)
M.Sc. (Applied Geology) Health Sciences
M.Tech (Geo-Informatics & Remote Sensing) Diploma in Clinical Embryology
Ph.D. (Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing) M.Sc. (Cellular and Molecular Oncology)
M.Sc. (Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing) Diploma in Clinical ART
Ph.D. (Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing) – Part Time M.Sc. (Stem Cell Science and Technology)
Food Technology Master of Public Health
M.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition) Ph.D. (Public Health)
M.Tech (Food Technology) Ph.D. (Public Health) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Food Technology) Virology & Immunology
Ph.D. (Foods and Nutrition) M.Sc. (Immunology)
Ph.D. (Foods and Nutrition) – Part Time M.Sc. (Virology)
Ph.D. (Food Technology) – Part Time M. Sc. (Genomics)
Telecom PG Diploma in Clinical Virology and Immunology
M.Tech (Telecommunication Systems Engg) Weekend Ph.D. (Immunology)
MBA (Telecom Management) Ph.D. (Immunology) – Part Time
M.Tech (Telecommunication Systems Engg) PG Diploma in Seed and Plant Certification
Travel & Tourism Ph.D. (Virology)
Master of Travel & Tourism Management Ph.D. (Virology) – Part Time
MBA (Tourism Administration) Wildlife Sciences
PG Diploma in Tourism & Air Fare Ticketing Ph.D. (Wildlife Sciences)
Ph.D. (Travel and Tourism) Ph.D. (Wildlife Sciences) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Travel and Tourism) – Part Time Yoga Therapy
PG Diploma in Conferences and Convention Management M.Sc. (Wildlife Science)
Microbial Sciences PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy
M.Sc. (Microbiology) Logistics
M.Sc. By Research (Microbial Biotechnology) MBA (Logistics)
PG Diploma in Industrial Microbiology Management
PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Executive PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management – (Weekend Mode)
Ph.D. (Microbial Biotechnology) – Part Time MA (Economics)
Ph.D. (Microbial Technology) Master of Hospital Administration
Ph.D. (Microbial Biotechnology) M.Com. (Financial Management)
Ph.D. (Microbial Technology) – Part Time Special Education
M.Sc. (Cellular and Molecular Oncology) Integrated B.Ed. M.Ed. – Special Education (Intellectual Disability)
Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Research and Cancer Biology B.Ed. – Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
M.Sc. (Molecular Medicine) Integrated B.Ed. M.Ed. – Special Education (Specific Learning Disability)
M.Sc. (Stem Cell Science and Technology) M.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability)
Diploma in Clinical ART B.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability)
Diploma in Clinical Embryology B.Ed. – Special Education (Mental Retardation)
Marine Science M.Ed. – Special Education (Mental Retardation)
M.Sc. (Marine Science) Ph.D. (Special Education)
Mass Communication Ph.D. (Special Education) – Part Time
M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) MBA
Ph.D. (Mass Communication) MBA (3 Continent)
Ph.D. (Mass Communication) – Part Time MBA (Agriculture & Food Business)
Materials & Devices MBA (Artificial Intelligence & Consulting)
Ph.D. (Biosensors) MBA (Business Analytics)
Ph.D. (Materials and Devices) – Part Time MBA (Business Intelligence and Data Analytics)
Ph.D. (Materials and Devices) MBA (Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management)
Ph.D. (Biosensors) – Part Time MBA (Biotechnology Management)
Social Work MBA (Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying)
M.Tech (Solar and Alternative Energy) MBA (Fashion Management)
Ph.D. (Renewable and Alternate Energy) MBA (Finance)
Master of Social Work MBA (Construction Project Management)
Ph.D. (Solar Energy) – Part Time MBA (Infrastructure Management)
Solar & Alternate Energy MBA (Entrepreneurship)
Ph.D. (Renewable and Alternate Energy) – Part Time MBA (Hospitality Management)
Ph.D. (Solar Energy) MBA (HR)
Space Sciences MBA (Insurance & Banking)
M.Tech (Avionics) MBA (Insurance & Financial Planning)
Nanotechnology MBA (International Business with Artificial Intelligence)
M.Tech (Nanotechnology) MBA (Marketing & Sales)
M.Tech. (Polymer Science & Technology) MBA (Media Management)
Ph.D. (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) MBA (Natural Resources & Sustainable Development)
M.Sc. (Nanoscience by Research) MBA (International Business)
M.Sc. (Nanoscience by Research) + M.Tech (Nanotech) – Integrated MBA (International Business) Evening
Natural Resources & Sustainable Development MBA (Retail Management)
Ph.D. (Natural Resources & Sustainable Development) MBA (Transport & Logistics)
Ph.D. (Natural Resources & Sustainable Development) – Part Time MBA – Executive (for Working Professionals)
M.Sc (Forestry) MBA (Supply Chain Management)
MBA (Natural Resources & Sustainable Development) MBA (Telecom Management)
Neuropsychology & Neurosciences MBA (International)
Ph.D. (Neurosciences) – Part Time Ph.D. (Competitive Intelligence)
NGO Management / Development Studies Ph.D. (Competitive Intelligence) – Part Time
M.Sc. (Neurosciences) MBA (Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure)
Ph.D. (Neurosciences) PG Diploma in Facilities Management
M.A. (Development Studies) Ph.D. (Management)
Nuclear Science & Technology Ph.D. (Management) – Part Time
M.Tech. – Nuclear Science & Technology Physiology
Ph.D. (Nuclear Science and Technology) M.Sc. (Medical Physiology)
Ph.D. (Nuclear Science and Technology) – Part Time Ph.D. (Physiology)
Organic Agriculture Ph.D. (Physiology) – Part Time
M.Sc. (Agriculture) Agronomy Physiotherapy
MBA (Agriculture & Food Business) Masters of Physiotherapy
PG Diploma in Plant Protection Ph.D. ( Physiotherapy) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Agriculture) Ph.D. (Physiotherapy)
Ph.D. (Agriculture) – Part Time Sanskrit Studies
Pharmacy M.A. (Sanskrit)
M. Pharm (Drug Regulatory Affairs) Social Science
M.Pharm (Pharmacology) M.A. (History)
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) M.A. (International Relations)
M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) M.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies)
M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) M.A. (Development Studies)
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) – Part Time M.A. (Political Science)
Physical Education M.A. (Public Policy & Governance)
M.P. Ed. (Master of Physical Education) Ph.D. (Sociology)
PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy Ph.D. (Sociology) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Physical Education) Ph.D. (International Relations)
B.P. Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education) M.A. (Sociology)
Ph.D. (Physical Education) – Part Time Ph.D. (International Relations) – Part Time
Public Health Ph.D. (Political Science)
Master of Public Health Ph.D. (Political Science) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Public Health) Ph.D. (Social Work)
Ph.D. (Public Health) – Part Time Ph.D. (Social Work) – Part Time
Psychology & Behavioural Science Public Policy
M.A. (Applied Psychology) MBA (Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying)
M.A. (Clinical Psychology) MBA (Construction Project Management)
M.A. (Counselling Psychology MBA (Infrastructure Management)
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) Ph.D. (Built Environment) – Part Time
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) – Part Time Rural Management
M. Phil (Child & Adolescent Psychology) M.A. (Public Administration)
Ph.D. (Psychology) Ph.D. (Rural Management)
M.A. (Organisational Psychology) MBA(Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure)
PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology PG Diploma in Facilities Management
M. Phil (Clinical Psychology) M.A. (Public Policy & Governance)
M. Phil (Counselling Psychology) Real Estate And Urban Infrastructure
PG Diploma in Psycho-Oncology Ph.D. (Built Environment)
Ph.D. (Psychology) – Part Time Ph.D. (Rural Management) – Part Time
Post Graduate Diploma in Life Skills Post-Harvest Technology
Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology M.Sc. – Horticulture (Post Harvest Technology)
Psy. D. (Clinical Psychology)
Psy. D. (Clinical Psychology)

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Amity University Noida Placement Details:

Amity University in Noida is Known for Its Strong Placement Record and Collaborations With Numerous Companies Across Various Industries. However, Please Note That Specific Placement Details Can Vary From Year to Year, and It is Advisable to Refer to the Latest Information From the University’s Official Website or Contact the University Directly for the Most Accurate and Up-to-date Information.

Here is Some General Information About Placements at Amity University Noida:

Placement Cell: Amity University Has a Dedicated Placement Cell That Facilitates the Recruitment Process and Acts as a Bridge Between Students and Companies.

Corporate Collaborations: the University Has Established Collaborations With a Wide Range of National and International Companies. These Collaborations Often Lead to Placement Opportunities for Students.

Industry Exposure: Amity University Focuses on Providing Industry Exposure to Its Students Through Guest Lectures, Industry Visits, Internships, and Workshops. These Activities Help Students Gain Practical Knowledge and Make Them More Employable.

Placement Process: the Placement Process Typically Involves Several Steps, Such as Pre-placement Talks, Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, and HR Rounds, Depending on the Company’s Requirements.

Companies and Sectors: Amity University Noida Attracts Companies From Various Sectors, Including It, Consulting, Banking and Finance, Media and Communication, Healthcare, Hospitality, Engineering, and Many More. Prominent Companies Like Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, TCS, IBM, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, and Capgemini Have Participated in the Placement Drives in the Past.

Placement Statistics: Amity University Has Achieved High Placement Percentages in Previous Years. However, the Specific Details and Statistics Can Vary Annually. The University Often Publishes Placement Reports on Its Official Website, Which Provide Detailed Information About the Companies That Visited, the Average Salary Packages Offered, and Other Relevant Data.

Remember, It is Essential to Verify the Latest Placement Information Directly From the University to Obtain Accurate and Current Details.

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