How to Crack a Job Interview in First Attempt?

Cracking a job interview has always been difficult and stressful for job seekers. Whether it is face to face or virtual interview, preparing for it beforehand is compulsory. If you are also looking for a job change or going to start your career as a fresher then you are at the right place to know about how to crack a job interview on your first attempt at any job profile.

For Interview selection, you need to follow these steps and you will get a great job in your hand.

Basic Concepts to Crack a Job Interview in First Attempt:

Whenever you are preparing for an interview you must have clear your basic concept for the job role. For example, if you are preparing for an interview for an SEO job profile, In general SEO is the process to increase site ranking but you need to prepare a well-written definition of SEO According to MOZ “SEO is the practice to improve quality and quantity traffic of the website”.

It will be applicable for all job roles, If you will not answer in this manner then you may not crack the job interview.

So read and create notes for all the basic concepts of your job role.

Sometimes due to nervousness, we forget the basic things of the course and that makes the interviewer feel like we don’t have the basic knowledge of the course.

So clear the basic concepts of the course and you will easily crack the interview.

Research about the Company:

Having an impressive resume with experience is a common thing for the interview but an understanding of the company can make you stand out at the interview.

Research is important in everything, so it’s important to know about the company and whether you will be the right one, which makes the candidate more relevant for an organization.

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On the other hand, not knowing about the organization can make the interviewer frustrated and it will show a lack of initiative on the candidate’s part.

Sometimes interviewers ask why you want to join the organization then you can answer this question when you research the company.

First Impression is the Last Impression:

We all know “First impression is the last impression” For an interview crack, you need to Groom yourself and wear formal comfortable clothes which are sober. Don’t be overdressed be simple and natural with confidence.

So in first impression 90% of employers ask “Tell me something about yourself” and a lot of candidates do not answer properly for this. For cracking an interview you need to prepare well for this question, Lot of times we ignore this part because it’s common and easy but due to nervousness candidate could not explain it in a good manner. So, in that case, the best option is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!

Read on Google and YouTube how to prepare for this question and write about it in a notebook and practice it in front of the mirror. Analyze your voice tone speak loud and clearly with a pause when you will practice this then you will speak in the same manner in an interview and it will make a good first impression on the interviewer.

Free From Fear:

We all feel nervous during interviews there are a lot of candidates who have a great experience but they can’t show up to the recruiter and could not crack the job interview. So, in that case, don’t feel sad about it and apply for 1000+ companies daily and try to give 4-5 interviews daily or weekly and after sometimes you will find yourself more confident and free from the job interview fear and you will get a great opportunity in your hand.


When the interview finish doesn’t forget to ask for feedback from the interviewer it helps you in two ways.

  1. Is the interviewer liked your profile for the role or not, If the employers say “no feedback you answered well for all the questions you may receive a call from us”.
  2. Second, if the interviewer doesn’t want to select you they can say “You need to work on the communication part for the role and basic concepts”.

So then you need to work on the feedback and for the next time, you will crack the job interview.

So cracking an interview is not a big thing, you just need to practice practice and practice, and don’t forget rejection is a redirection Rejection help you perform well for the next interview.

Don’t feel sad if you are getting a lot of rejections, these rejections make you better for every next interview and after a lot of rejections, you will definitely have a great opportunity in your hand.

There are a lot of companies and jobs in the market you just don’t be afraid of rejection. Rejection is always good and makes you a better person and brings better opportunities for you!

Hope you got the answer to how to crack a job interview on the first attempt.

So believe in yourself because you are limitless go in the company with that belief and come out with a great opportunity in your hand!

Good Luck!


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