Some Simple Ways to Get Good Grades in High School Exams?

Good Grades in high school exams are important for your long-term career. Most of the big MNCs like Google require good scores in high school exams. So good grades may help you to get a job in a top company.

Now the question is how to score good grades in high school exams. So let’s discuss it in the next few paragraphs.

How to Score Good Grades in High School Exams?

You may have read a lot of blogs on this but this blog covers hidden points of toppers for good grades in high school exams.

Daily Routine of Self-Study

If you are a new student in high school then you need to study daily for 2-3 hours if you don’t have time due to personal issues or any other issues then still study for half an hour. The daily routine of self-study is the hidden secret of toppers. If you don’t like any subject like Economics or business studies. Then don’t open the book for study. Just open it, read the chapter, and create notes like you are doing homework and you will automatically feel interested in the subject.

Home Tutor or Tuition Centre?

Well, it depends on the students but mostly the best tutor is always available in tuition centers. So for major subjects like mathematics, Science, Economics, or any other in which you are weak choose the best tuition centre near your home. Always create notes of issues of the particular chapter of the course and ask in the tuition classes. Tuition is a must to score good marks in high schools Self-study is not sufficient.

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The tutor will share tips, tricks, and shortcuts to solve the particular subject questions. Ask for extra help from your tutor, and tell your weak points.

Previous Question Paper Preparation

When your syllabus is completed then go to the sample papers and solve them with the timer (Exam duration). In starting you may analyze you have solved the sample paper but you have taken more time than your exam duration. No need to worry, Practice Practice & Practice and you will solve the Question paper in the exam duration. if you will not follow these steps then you may not score good grades in high school exams even if you know all answers to the questions.

Note: Solve Sample Papers of difficult subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics & Business studies not English & Hindi subjects.

Everyone knows the answers to questions in exams but solving them in the allocated time is difficult.

Presentation of Answer Sheet

Especially in board exams presentation of the Answer sheet is important. First, create a line in the left margin & a line in the right margin. Use highlighter for main points. Draw a line when one answer is complete. Try to use Diagram for 5 to 10 marks questions. Write headlines with a black pen.

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Note: If you don’t know the answers to all questions just write answers neatly. Because these all things take time. So time management is important.


Why do high school grades matter? Good high school grades are important for a student’s post-secondary career. Especially if he or she is thinking about scholarships & college admissions. However Good college may not guarantee a great job. So create a daily routine for self-study, a Good mentor for all subjects & good presentation in exams and you will score good grades in high school exams.


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