How to Prepare For IGNOU Exams?

IGNOU Conduct Exams Two Times a Year, in June and December. If You Want to Know Deep Knowledge About the Course Then Go Through the Study Material First, Then Other Helping Books and Previous Question Papers for the IGNOU Exams. In Case You Don’t Have Much Time Then You Should Follow These Steps to Prepare For IGNOU Exams: –

Some Proven Ways to Prepare For IGNOU Exams

These are some tips you can follow to Prepare For IGNOU Exams.

Read the Previous Year’s Question Paper

  1. This is the Most Important Point to Score 70+ in IGNOU Exams, Check the Previous Year’s Question Paper for 5 Years and Go Through With All the Questions and Your 70% Preparation Will Be Complete.
  2. If You Have 10 Books on the Subject Then if You Will Prepare Only 7 Books Then It Will Be Enough for Your Exams Because in IGNOU Exams, for example, if You Need to Write Two 10 Marks Questions Then in the Question Paper You Will Have 4 Questions and You Need to Answer Any Two Questions.
  3. In Case You Don’t Know About Any Question, You Should Try to Write an Answer to Whatever You Know Related to the Question and You Will Score Passing Marks.
  4. In IGNOU Exams, Never Leave a Blank Page Try to Attempt All Questions.

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Improve Your Handwriting for IGNOU Exams

  1. Neat and Clean Handwriting Helps You to Score Good Grades in Exams. Use a Black Pen for the Heading and a Blue Pen for the Answer and Use a Highlighter to Highlight Important Words and Sentences.
  2. That Will Help the Examiner to Know You Have Good Knowledge About the Subject.
  3. Take a Blue and Black Pen, Highlighter, Water Bottle, and Stapler, and Don’t Forget to Take Your Watch to See the Timings, Because Your Mobile Will Be Submitted During the Exam.
  4. Must Follow the Word Limit of Questions, 10 Marks Questions Use Diagrams and Charts, That Will Help to Make Your Answer Sheet More Attractive and You Will Score Good Grades in the Exam.

It’s True That IGNOU Exam Checking is Hard if We Compare It to DU SOL and Other Correspondence Universities, but if You Will Study the Previous Year’s Question Paper for 5 Years From Study Material and Follow All These Steps Then You Will Surely Score More Than 70% in Exams.


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