How to Score Good Marks in IGNOU Exams?

IGNOU is the most affordable and popular university, every year the university conduct exam in June and December. You may have heard about the IGNOU exams are very difficult and exam checking is also tough if we compare it to other institutions or compare from DU SOL.

Well, the answer to this question is YES the exam checking and IGNOU exams pattern is more difficult from Delhi University SOL but if you follow the tips and tricks that mention in this blog then you will surely score good grades in the IGNOU examinations.

Some Proven Ways to Score Good Marks in IGNOU Exams

These are some tips you can follow to score good marks in the IGNOU exams.

Preparation from IGNOU Assignments

For every course at Indira Gandhi National Open University, the learner needs to complete IGNOU assignments, if you will not complete these assignments then you are not eligible to seat in the IGNOU exams. There are 11-12 questions in the assignment for all subjects. Students need to answer all questions in their own words. For exam preparation, students need to learn all assignment questions because it includes the IGNOU book’s whole syllabus in 12 questions and 6-7 questions indeed come in IGNOU exams so prepare well for all assignments questions and you will cover 6-70% of study material preparation.

IGNOU Previous 5-Year Question Paper

This is the most effective trick to scoring good grades. Prepare well all last 5-year question papers and your preparation is complete.

So this is the shortcut for IGNOU exam preparation.

If you can’t concentrate for the long term in your studies then read the blog- Best study strategy to score good marks in exams.

So if you will follow these tips then you will score good marks in the IGNOU examinations. For the latest updates about IGNOU and other popular colleges or universities exams and preparation visit our website on the daily basis! If you have any queries you can write a comment through the given below comment section,  our expert will get back to you soon.


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