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IGNOU Admission

IGNOU University, one of India’s top universities, is a popular option for distance learning. Its popularity can be inferred from the fact that thousands of students are admitted to it each year. This Article Contains Information About the courses offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), the Application Procedure, Registration, Schools, Key Dates, Etc. All the information that is available please read this article in Its entirety since It contains valuable information for you. You can find Up-to-date information on IGNOU admission here in an easily understandable form.

IGNOU Admission January 2023 Last Date:

Indira Gandhi National Open University has once again extended the last date of admission in its courses to 10th March 2023. Therefore, students can now fill out the application form by visiting the official website of IGNOU till the 10th ​​of March 202e to get admission in their desired courses.

According to IGNOU’s official Twitter account, the new admissions batch for the January 2023 session already began From the First Week of January 2023. This indicates that interested students can now apply to IGNOU courses both online and offline. The article below contains a comprehensive list of rules on IGNOU’s admissions procedure. By the way, the deadline for new admissions is March 10, 2023, so apply as soon as possible to enroll in IGNOU.

IGNOU Admission January 2023 Notification: – The 10th of March 2023 is the final date for IGNOU admissions and re-registrations. Take admission as soon as possible if you are intending to enroll in IGNOU. Moreover, two weeks after a successful admission process, students can check their IGNOU admission status.

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IGNOU January 2023 Admission Last Date Update Status in Hindi – इग्नू ने अपने एडमिशन प्रोसेस को January 2023 बैच के लिए खोल दिया है, अतः इच्छुक विद्यार्थी ऑनलाइन माध्यम से इग्नू का एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म भरके विभिन्न कोर्सेज में एडमिशन ले सकते है। इसके साथ ही विद्यार्थियों के लिए यह जानना भी जरुरी है की इग्नू में एडमिशन की लास्ट डेट March 10, 2023 है, अतः इस डेट से पहले ही ऑनलाइन/ऑफ़लाइन माध्यम से इग्नू का ऑनलाइन एप्लीकेशन/एडमिशन फॉर्म भरे।

Latest IGNOU Admission 2023 Updates/Notifications:

IGNOU’s most recent updates are the only ones included in this section. You may discover the most recent information about IGNOU right here. Thus, IGNOU students who have already enrolled must frequently check this section.

IGNOU New Course Launch Update 2023 – Indira Gandhi National Open University recently launched a new program namely “IGNOU BA Applied Sanskrit Programme“. This is a 3 years duration undergraduate program in which the admission process is open for the January 2023 batch, The last date for admission in this program is 10th march 2023.

IGNOU Admission 2023 – Update for Agniveers – According to jagran.com, IGNOU has made a great effort for the Agniveers, now Agniveers will also be able to earn a degree from IGNOU during their 4 years of service, this effort has been made for the convenience of Agniveers. For this, the Ministry of Education has also given consent to IGNOU. Full cooperation will be given by IGNOU in providing paper, books, degrees, etc. for the Agniveers.

One thing to note here is that Agniveers will get 50 percent marks from their credit skill training, and the remaining 50 percent marks from their subject. Agniveers can do courses like BA, and B.Com from IGNOU very conveniently, this degree will be very useful after their retirement, so Agniveers must earn a degree from IGNOU during their 4 years of service. The method of taking admission to IGNOU for Agniveers is the same as that of other students, in the article given below, the complete process of filling out the admission form is explained, and after reading it, Agniveers can fill out their admission form.

Three New PG Diploma Courses are Going to be Released in IGNOU Pratap Garh district study center (MDPG College) According to Shravan Kumar Pandey, regional director of IGNOU, three new PG diploma courses are going to be started in the study center (MDPG college) located in the Pratap Garh district of IGNOU. These three PG diploma courses will prove to be helpful in not only providing employment to the students but will also enhance their knowledge. These new courses named PG diploma in digital media, PG diploma in development communication, and PG diploma in the environment and sustainable development have been issued for the students taking admission in the study center (MDPG college) of IGNOU which is located in Pratap Garh district.

IGNOU BA in Facility and Services Management Admission Notification 2023 India’s most popular distance education service provider IGNOU University recently launched a new course named BA in Facility and Services Management (BAFSM). This is a 3 years degree program through which students can learn many things about Facility Services Management. Students can apply to this course on the basis of their 12th result. It is a degree-oriented course that brings a lot of career opportunities for students. ASAP Interested students should apply to this program through online mode.

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IGNOU Update on MBA Admissions for the 2023 batch – There is good news for those students who want to join an open or online master’s program in business administration. They can now sign up for IGNOU’s new MBA programs starting with the January 2023 session. The four new MBA programs offered by IGNOU that accept online applications are MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Marketing Management, MBA in Operations Management, and MBA in Financial Management. Since IGNOU is a recognized university, doing any of these MBA courses through open or distance learning from here will undoubtedly be advantageous for individuals who are already employed.

IGNOU New Course Admission Update For January 2023 – IGNOU has once more created a brand-new course called the Postgraduate Diploma in Electronic Media. Students may enroll in this program beginning with the January 2023 batch. This course is available online for those who want to work in radio, television, or online journalism. Although English is the course’s primary language, students may also complete the course’s assignments, practicals, and projects in Hindi.

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New Update Regarding PG Course For 2023 Batch – New PG Courses in Tamil and Hindi have been introduced by IGNOU. Before this, several IGNOU courses, such as the MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, were only offered in English, but starting now, students who want to pursue careers in journalism and mass communication can do so. They can now apply for admission to this course in both Tamil and Hindi. Due to the MA in Journalism and Mass Communication course being taught in English, many candidates who did not enroll in IGNOU now have the opportunity to do so. However, they can now also apply for admission to this course in Tamil and Hindi via the internet. This course is going to be offered both online and offline. The last date of admission is 31 July 2022, so get admission to this course before the last date.

IGNOU Courses Update 2023 – IGNOU continues to grow its course offerings in response to current demand. Students will be able to enroll in these courses starting with the January 2023 batch and this includes a total of added 18 new courses to its curriculum. These 18 New IGNOU Courses Include One Undergraduate, Three Postgraduate, Five Certificates, and Nine Postgraduate Diploma Courses. Therefore, if anyone wishes to enroll in any of these courses, they should apply as soon as possible via the IGNOU website.

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New Update Regarding Course – BAVMSME, a new course offered by IGNOU, is a bachelor’s program in micro, small, and medium enterprises that is available to 12th-grade graduates. The BA Programme in Micro Small and Medium Enterprises is the name of the new UG course offered by IGNOU (BAVMSME). This Course Has 132 Credits. To Apply for Admission to this Course, Candidates Must Follow the Process Listed Below by March 10, 2022.

IGNOU MCA and MBA Programmes Fresh Admission Update 2022 – IGNOU announced the new information via its Twitter account, stating that fresh admission for the January 2023 session has begun for MCA and MBA programs that have received AICTE approval. This means that students can now apply for IGNOU’s MCA and MBA programs online and through traditional methods for distance learning.

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IGNOU Notification Related to Free Study For For SC/ST Students – The University Has Issued A New Notification is that the students in the SC/ST category can now enroll in the IGNOU Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), and its other 55 diploma programs without having to pay anything.

Latest Admission Update 2022 – IGNOU has introduced several online courses, including BCA, MCA, and MBA. For these courses, students can apply by following the instructions in this article. Students can apply for admission to the IGNOU MBA program without taking the entrance exam. The only difference between this online MBA course and the IGNOU distance education MBA course is that students can complete this online MBA course without having to visit a study center. The School of Management Studies (SOMS) offers the MBA program, and its School of Computer and Information Sciences offers the BCA and MCA programs. Admission to IGNOU’s BCA and MCA programs is the same as for other courses. Kindly Take Admission in One of the Online Courses of IGNOU Before the Last Date For the 2023 Batch.

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Latest News – IGNOU has revealed important information about a course that is a component of the postgraduate program. Students who want to enroll in this course, which is called the Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Welfare, should read the article on the admissions process. Interested students can apply for admission to this course online through the official website of IGNOU University.

Latest Update: The upcoming batch of students at Indira Gandhi National Open University can enroll in 10 online courses. Agriculture, sociology, law, library and information science, information technology, tourism, language, and event management are among the subjects covered in these online courses. The total number of online courses offered by IGNOU has increased from 3 to 13, with students now having the option to enroll in any of them. Additionally, IGNOU has adopted 24 new courses for the Swayam Portal. Students can apply for these courses through the following link that is https://swayam.gov.in/nc_details/IGNOU.

Important Links of IGNOU

These are the Very Important Links from IGNOU That Every Student Who Wants to Study or is Studying Can Find Valuable. These Links May Be Helpful for the Current 2023-24 Batch’s Online and ODL Admissions Process.

Admission Link For Online Programmes Click Here
Admission Link For ODL Programmes Click Here
Student Portal (This Link Will be Useful After Getting Admission) Click Here
Admission Portal for Fixed Learner Intake Programmes (FLIP) Click Here

Information About Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU):

With 4,528 students when it began in 1987, it now has more than 4 million students enrolled. IGNOU, or the People’s University, is the abbreviation for the Indira Gandhi National Open University. People from all around the world, not just those from India, come here to study for high-quality education. It has educational centers in more than 40 different nations where students can enroll in the courses they are interested in. That is why there are currently students studying here from almost 40 different nations, including India.

Delhi, India’s central state, is home to IGNOU. The Indira Gandhi National Open University was founded by a law passed by the parliament in 1985, and the UGC and AICTE both recognize it. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has given it the highest possible grade of A++, making it the first open university in India to receive such a high-grade recognition. IGNOU is a distance-learning university that provides online courses in a variety of subjects. Students can obtain admission forms, prospectuses, exam forms, and many other things at IGNOU’s 56 centers around India.

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In the Area of Education and Training, Distance Education Has Set a Record. Because of this, even an employee can finish their education while working. Through open and distance learning, thousands of students are getting their degrees while staying at home. The modern social environment will undergo rapid and immediate change. The medium of knowledge transfer among students is continuously expanding thanks to IGNOU courses. No one must be visited to learn something today. There has been a rush to learn everything possible using the most recent communication technology.

The largest distance education institution in the world, IGNOU is run by the central government of India, where more than 4 million students enroll annually. Through its numerous study centers, many of which are located in India or other foreign countries, it offers distance learning and online education. About 40 countries throughout the world are served by IGNOU University. The students who want to enroll in distance learning courses find IGNOU Admission to be the best possible way to achieve their dream of premium education.

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The importance of the global distance education system is rising. IGNOU education aims to create a balance between affordability and the development of skills in a certain technique or business. With a detailed understanding of the IGNOU admissions process as well as the requirements for enrollment in a variety of IGNOU courses, individuals today have options to enroll in any open learning education courses from this prestigious university.

IGNOU Admission Procedure 2023: – How to Get Admission in IGNOU?

The several courses offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University are open for admission twice a year. It offers Online and Offline Admission processes for a variety of Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, diplomas, certificates, Postgraduate, and Advance diplomas, Postgraduate, and Advanced certificates, Non-Credit, and M.Phil. Courses, and Doctoral Degree Programmes For the 2023 Batch. Students who meet the requirements can apply for IGNOU courses twice a year, in the January and July batches, depending on their suitability. The IGNOU admissions process is very simple, allowing students to easily complete their online or paper application forms.

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The IGNOU course admissions process is based on merit and entrance exam results. There are several IGNOU courses where admission is solely based on merit, but there are many more where students must take an entrance exam to enroll. Along with B.Ed, MBA, and Ph.D. programs, there are numerous other IGNOU courses for which admission is granted only based on an entrance exam. IGNOU Accepts the Admission of the Students by Examining the Seats Available in These Courses and the Marks and Rank Attained in the Qualification Examinations.

IGNOU provides an admissions process for students from several other nations in addition to India. Through the entrance exam and course eligibility, international students can be admitted to IGNOU’s many programs in addition to India. The IGNOU admissions process for international students is different from the IGNOU admissions process for Indian students because Indian students can fill out the IGNOU application form both online and offline, whereas international students only have one option—the offline mode provided by IGNOU partner institutions. Let’s learn about the IGNOU 2023 batch’s online and offline admissions procedures.

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How to Fill the IGNOU Online Application Form 2023?

Students Can Apply through Online Mode For the IGNOU Admission Process 2023 by the Given Below Steps.

  1. Students may apply online using the steps below for the IGNOU admissions 2023 process.
    First, interested students must go to the official IGNOU website at “http://www.ignou.ac.in/“. Students can also fill out the online application form by going to the following link: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/.
  2. Now register for yourself by clicking the “Click Here For New Registration” link. Following that, you must enter some basic information such as your username, name, email address, mobile number, etc. Please create a strong password before filling out the captcha and clicking the “Register” button.
  3. Now complete the online application form by entering all of your personal and academic information. Please choose your courses carefully since you must do so based on their codes and must also earn the necessary credit for the specific course in which you wish to enroll. Please refer to the IGNOU Prospectus for more information on the credit system and course codes.
  4. After that, upload a clear signature, a scanned copy of your passport-size photo, proof of your age, and any relevant educational credentials. All documents are in JPG format and less than 100 KB in size.
  5. The application fees can now be paid by credit card (Master/Visa), debit card (Master/Visa/repay), or net banking. The application fees vary depending on the course.
  6. Please print your online application form and payment receipt after the entire process is complete for use in the next step.

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Note: Before applying for the IGNOU admission process, interested students should read the IGNOU Prospectus 2023 at the very least. Along with this, they must confirm their admissions eligibility. Only those students who meet the requirements can enroll in the upcoming IGNOU session. The IGNOU application form is very simple to complete; simply fill out the boxes provided. However, if you run into any difficulties, please let us know in the comment section below.

How to Fill the IGNOU Offline Application Form 2023?

You can also apply for admission to IGNOU courses for the 2023vbatch using an offline application form, so just follow the instructions below.

  1. You can pick up the offline application form from any regional center as it is easily available.
  2. You must now pay Rs. 200 in cash or Rs. 250 by DD made out to IGNOU at the sales counter of the IGNOU Regional Center to purchase the IGNOU Prospectus Cum Application Form.
  3. After getting the IGNOU offline application form with the prospectus, you must fill in all the required details and then submit it with the filled application form to your nearby regional center.
  4. You have to fill your application form with some personal details like name, father’s name, address, study center code, regional center code, program code, course medium, DOB, gender, social status, etc. You also have to fill in your last qualification details like board percentage, subject names, etc.
  5. Choose your courses carefully when filling out the application; to do this, you must be aware of the course code and credit requirements. You can do this by consulting your IGNOU prospectus, which contains details on the number of credits needed to complete each IGNOU course. The prospectus itself will also contain the remaining information about the courses.
  6. Following that, you must pay the necessary course fees at the sales counter using a DD (Demand Draft) made out to IGNOU.

Note: Please chose the “Others” checkbox if your subject is not available in the application form. Apart from this, if you have a Graduation or above degree then choose “9999” in “Board Code”.

Required Documents For IGNOU Admission 2023:

Students must have the following documents to apply for admission to IGNOU. For the online application form, you must scan and upload these documents, and for the offline application form, you must provide a photocopy of them.

  1. Photograph and Signature (Less than 100 KB)
  2. Age Proof (Aadhar Card, 10th Marksheet, Etc.)
  3. Experience Certificate (If any). (Less than 100 KB)
  4. Relevant Educational Qualification (Less than 100 KB)
  5. BPL Certificate, If Below Poverty Line. (Less than 100 KB)
  6. Category Certificate, If SC/ST/OBC. (Less than 100 KB)

Simple Steps For Checking the IGNOU Admission 2023 Status:

After applying, it will be reviewed by IGNOU staff who will determine whether the information you provided on the form is accurate or not. If it is, you will be granted admission to IGNOU courses. However, it will take a few days between filling out the application and having it reviewed by IGNOU staff. As a result, if you want to know if you were admitted or not, you can use the IGNOU Admission Status. You Only Need to Check the Steps Provided Below for This.

  1. First of All, Visit the Following Link that is http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/admission/6.
  2. After that click on “Know Admission Status – January or July 2023”.
  3. Now you just have to enter your enrolment number and program to view your admission status.
  4. Fill in the captcha option and then click on the “Search” Button.
  5. Now you can see what is your admission status, if it doesn’t show then please wait some more days or visit your regional center.

What to Do After Getting Admission to IGNOU?

After being admitted, students should go to their study center and look for the timetable so they can determine the exact time of the classes. The only day that the classes are open is Sunday, however, on holidays or special occasions, Saturday is also an option.

Note – Kindly carry your IGNOU ID card before entering the IGNOU study center as without it you can’t enter the study center.

IGNOU Admission 2023 Eligibility For Its Courses:

Bachelor Preparatory Programme (BPP) – No qualification is needed, only those candidates can take admission whose aged above 18.

  • Graduation – 12th or Relevant Qualifications From Recognized Board
  • Post Graduation – Graduation or Relevant Qualifications From a Recognized University
  • PG Certificate – Bachelor’s Degree or Relevant Qualifications From a Recognized University
  • UG Certificate – Intermediate or Relevant Qualifications From Recognized Board
  • Advanced Certificate – 12th/UG Degree or Relevant Qualifications
  • Diploma – 10th/12th or Relevant Qualifications From a Recognized Board
  • PG Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree or Relevant Qualifications From a Recognized University
  • M.Phil. – Master’s Degree or Relevant Qualifications From a Recognized University
  • P.hD.  – Master’s Degree/M.Phil. From Recognized University

Students may enroll in their preferred course from the available course list by following the admissions procedure outlined above. You Must Meet a Minimum Requirement to Enroll in These Courses; Details Can Be Found in the Eligibility Section.

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Note: For each of its several courses, IGNOU has a different fee structure. Please refer to the IGNOU Prospectus for the most recent fees. You can also visit the following link to view the eligibility requirements and cost breakdown for all IGNOU courses.

Reservation in IGNOU:

IGNOU offers reservations for all of its courses to students who are physically challenged, SC, ST, OBC Non-creamy layer, War Widows, and Kashmiri Migrants. Students from such backgrounds who wish to attend these classes can enroll in the courses without any hesitation. IGNOU offers reservations following Government of India regulations. Students in the reserved category can receive relief for IGNOU admission.

Seat Reservation in IGNOU:

Percentage in Seats (%)
OBC (Other Backward Castes) Non-Creamy Layer
SC (Scheduled Castes)
ST (Scheduled Tribes) 7.5
PWD (Persons With Disabilities)

IGNOU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) Question: – What is the Admission Cycle of IGNOU?
Ans. IGNOU offers admission in January and June every year.

2) Question: – What Requirements Must Be Met To Be Admitted To The IGNOU Bachelor Preparatory Programme (BPP) Program?
Ans. The IGNOU BPP Program is a 6-month program that can be completed in a maximum of 2 years. There is no minimum educational requirement for the IGNOU BPP, but students must be at least 18 years old to enroll in this program.

3) Question: – Does IGNOU Have Any Entrance Test For Its MBA Programme?
Ans. Yes, the IGNOU OPENMAT Entrance Test is used for admission to the MBA program.

4) Question: – Can I Still Apply for IGNOU Re-Registration If I Have Not Filled out the IGNOU Examination Form?
Ans. Yes, why not? The IGNOU examination form and the re-registration form are completely unrelated to one another. You can therefore apply for IGNOU re-registration without completing the IGNOU examination form. But keep in mind that this requires finishing the assigned course’s semester or year.

5) Question: – What is the Eligibility For Getting Admission to the B.Sc Course of IGNOU?
Ans. A student must have received a passing grade in science courses including physics, math, chemistry, and biology to apply. Moreover, a student must have taken these courses at the 12th-grade level if they want to choose physics, chemistry, or mathematics as their B.Sc. course subjects.

6) Question: – How to Apply For IGNOU’s BA Course?
Ans. You can apply for admission to the IGNOU BA program using both online and offline methods. For online applications, go to the IGNOU official website and complete the online application form. Alternatively, you can visit an IGNOU regional center and complete the offline application form for the BA program.

7) Question: – How do I Get Admission to IGNOU’s MCA Course?
Ans. If you have BCA/B.Sc. (Computer Science/IT)/Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Relevant UG Degree with at least 50% marks, then you can apply for the same.

8) Question: – Is It Mandatory to Attend Classes at IGNOU?
Ans. It is not required to attend IGNOU classes, according to the guidelines provided by IGNOU. However, participation in practical/lab classes is required because passing the exams requires a certain percentage of attendance in these classes.

8) Question: – How Good is IGNOU For MA Admission?

Ans. One of the Most Popular Universities IGNOU is Great for MA Courses, if You Have Completed BA From a Regular College Then It Would Be Better to Go to IGNOU for a Master’s Because of the Quality Content, Timely Examination With the Declaration of the Result as UGC-approved Curriculum and That’s Make the University Best in the World. Most of the Students Rate MA IGNOU Better Than Harward or Boston or the London School of Economics.

So, in One Sentence IGNOU Master Courses Are Equal to Any Other Regular College. MA in IGNOU Students Learns a Lot of Concepts That Regular Students Learn. Even for Some Courses, the University Provides Internships and Synopsis. As Per the Survey Lot of Students Go for IGNOU Even if They Are Capable of Admission to Any Other Regular College. Still, if You Want to Go for Only Studies Then Go to Regular Universities Otherwise Want to Go for a Job With Studies Then Masters’s From IGNOU is the Perfect Option for You.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 93, Maidan Garhi Rd, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110068
  • Phone No:011-29571302
  • Fax No: 011- 29532686
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Important Note: – This blog is only for informational purposes, so if you want to apply for admission to IGNOU courses, go to the university’s official website instead. You can visit the IGNOU official website, which is available in the upper section, after reading this article. We are not affiliated with IGNOU in any way; we merely provide you with the necessary information for the admission process. If you have any questions about the admissions process, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We’ll provide you with the precise answer you need to successfully enroll in an IGNOU program.


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