IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 (UPDATED) – Check IGNOU’s Practical Marks and Result

IGNOU Assignment Status

The current standing of the assignments that students enrolled in various courses or programs provided by IGNOU have submitted is referred to as the “IGNOU Assignment Status”. IGNOU students are expected to complete assignments as part of their coursework, and their submissions are taken into account when assessing their overall performance. It is therefore crucial for students to keep track of the status of their assignments to ensure that they are submitted on time, received by the organization, and graded. The IGNOU Assignment Status normally indicates whether an assignment has been received, assessed, or is still being assessed. Students can check the status of their IGNOU assignments online by logging in to the official website using their enrolment number.

If you are presently enrolled in a course or program at IGNOU University, this page can give you reliable information about the status of your IGNOU assignment. To finish an IGNOU course, you must turn in an assignment. But when it comes to the status of IGNOU assignments, students are frequently in a bind. Students have trouble following the status of their IGNOU assignments. The most recent information on the assignment status for the most recent TEE (Term End Examination) session is available on this page. Also, we sorted some of the frequently asked questions by students and answered them appropriately.

An Important Update On IGNOU Assignment Status 2023:

The last date for the IGNOU assignment submission for the December 2023 TEE session is the 10th of November 2023. Moreover, candidates can now check the IGNOU assignment status or grade for the TEE December 2023 session. It’s often advised to regularly check the grades, results, or status online to keep yourself informed.

However, if you’ve just uploaded or submitted the IGNOU assignment for December 2023, then you’ll have to wait for some time to see your Assignments Score.

Steps For Checking IGNOU Assignment Status 2023:

To get an appropriate answer to this question, you must first completely understand the process:

  1. When assignments are submitted, the assignments go for an evaluation at the study centre.
  2. When the teacher is done with the evaluation, the marks are directly uploaded online or sent to IGNOU, Delhi to be updated online.
  3. Visit the following link (https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP) and then enter their 9 or 10 digital enrolment number and select the program code. Finally, click on submit to view the IGNOU assignment status.
  4. Usually, the assignment status becomes visible after 40 days of uploading the assignments. Most importantly, sometimes after evaluation, the assignment is sent to the regional centre, and then the authority uploads the grade online. So, it can take a while. Thus, it’s advised to look for your assignment status after 3-4 weeks of submission.

Even older sessions can also check their assignment and results. Here’s the complete info:

TEE Session Status
December 2023 Submission Started
June 2023 Updated
December 2022 Updated
June 2022 Updated
December 2021 Updated
June 2021 Updated
December 2020 Updated

How to Download IGNOU Assignments For the 2023 Batch?

Follow these steps to download your assignments correctly:

  1. Enter the official IGNOU login portal.
  2. Then in the menu bar, enter the student search bar and click on the homepage button.
  3. Click on the assignment link and get the required assignment details.
  4. Download the assignment course. Usually, the assignment is downloaded in PDF or doc file format.
  5. Submit the assignment before the due date.

Note – Click Here for the official link from which you can download your assignments for the current batch.

How to Make Assignments for IGNOU Courses 2023?

To make assignments for IGNOU courses, follow these steps:

  1. Read the course material thoroughly and understand the assignment questions.
  2. Prepare an outline of your answers and plan the structure of your assignment.
  3. Write your answers in a clear and concise manner, following the guidelines provided by IGNOU.
  4. Use relevant examples and quotes to support your answers and make sure to cite all sources used.
  5. Proofread your assignment several times to check for spelling and grammar errors.
  6. Finally, submit your assignments online or in hard copy form to the IGNOU regional center before the deadline.

Remember, IGNOU assignments play a crucial role in determining your grades, so make sure to put in the effort to write high-quality answers. Good luck!

Guidelines On Writing Indira Gandhi National Open University Assignments 2023:

There are some of the things you should keep in mind while writing the IGNOU assignments:

  1. Complete your assignment before the deadline. You won’t be able to sit in the TEE exam if you fail to submit your assignment.
  2. Click on the link http://www.ignou.ac.in/ to download the assignment questions. Click on the Student Zone, search for a particular course, and then click on it to get its questions.
  3. Wherever necessary draw diagrams, and write on the A4 sheet paper. Books provided by IGNOU contain answers to the assignments.
  4. Students can also collect IGNOU assignment questions from the regional study centres.
  5. Do not type the answers and write on a clean A4 sheet. Include your details like name, program, and enrolment number on the front sheet. Bind all the pages. Do the same for every course and tick the correct answer, in case, of any MCQs.

How Do IGNOU Assignments Work?

Every student has to complete an IGNOU assignment to pass their course. They can get the assignment from the nearest study centre or simply download it online. As per the university rules, each student has to complete their assignment and submit it before the deadline. They have to submit the assignment to the study centre allotted to them. The study centre won’t accept the assignment if it’s submitted after the deadline.

How Much Weightage Do Assignments Carry?

Assignments have a weightage of 30% whereas, practical and theory examinations have a weightage of 70% on the report card. If someone fails to submit the assignment of a specific course, they are not allowed to appear in the TEE examination of that particular course.

What To Do If Your Assignment Status Is Not Getting Updated?

Sometimes delays are experienced for multiple reasons. It could be because the concerned regional centre has not uploaded the marks or the evaluation of assignments is being delayed on their behalf.

However, if you’re not able to see your IGNOU assignment status even after the declaration of grades, you most certainly should connect with the centre where you submitted the assignment. Complain to the coordinator of the centre regarding your assignment status. Carry the necessary documents with you, such as the receipt you received after submitting your assignment, and your ID proof, if any. With time, your marks should be updated online.

Even after all this if your issues are not resolved, you can always complain at the IGRAM portal. The team will take the appropriate action and get your matters resolved.

What’s The Proof That an Assignment Has Been Submitted?

Once you complete the assignment before the submission date mentioned on the assignment, you submit your assignment to the study centre and fill in all your details. Usually, after the submission of an assignment, a student receipt is issued to the student that works as proof that the respective student has submitted the assignment.

For How Long Do The Assignments Score Remain Valid?

Your assignment score retains its validity even if you do not participate in the TEE exams and extends beyond the completion of your degree or diploma.

Should I Always Keep Track of the IGNOU Assignment Status 2023?

Certainly, patience is key as it is always necessary to wait for the status of your assignment to change. It may take up to a week for the IGNOU assignment status to show “Received and In Process”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Students:

These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by students.

Q1. How Does The IGNOU Assignment Receipt Look Like?
Ans: It’s an all-purpose acknowledgment slip that occasionally might be printed on white paper and stamped.

Q2. What are the Minimum Passing Marks for the IGNOU Assignment?
Ans: 35% are the marks required to pass an IGNOU assignment.

Q3. What Information Should I Write on the Front Page of the IGNOU Assignment?
Ans: Mention the following details correctly on the front page:

  • Your name
  • Program or course code
  • Name of program
  • Study centre code
  • Regional code
  • Submission date

Q4. Do Assignment Questions Remain the Same for All Consecutive Years?
Ans: They don’t, though. For two consecutive sessions, such as July and January, the assignment questions may stay the same. It isn’t always the case, though. As a result, assignment questions frequently change to properly test the individual.

Q5. Are TEE and Assignment Results Declared at the Same Time?
Ans: Yes, generally that’s the case.

Note: If you have any kind of question in your mind, then definitely ask it through the comment box given below.


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