How Good is IGNOU for BA Psychology?

This article will tell you in brief about how good is IGNOU for BA psychology. So are you excited to know about it? then continue reading this article. First of all, we should know that what is actually is BA Psychology Course.

What is BA Psychology Course?

Psychology is the study of human behavior and the mind. It includes how the brain function, the conscious and unconscious mind, what are emotions, and What is anger, the study of human behavior and mind is called psychology.

In today’s world, Psychology is the most popular course but due to higher competition to get admission to top regular psychology colleges or universities like Delhi University, Jamia University, and Ambedkar University is very difficult. But there are a lot of students who want to get admission to regular popular colleges but can’t grab the opportunity due to higher competition. So, in that case, students who want to learn psychology can easily get admission to IGNOU. The psychology course is not available in DU SOL and so more popular open university.

After graduation in Psychology from IGNOU, students can go for MA in Psychology from popular colleges and universities. and after this can get the admission Ph.D. in psychology. If you only want to learn because you have an interest in psychology and do not want psychology as your career, then in that case also IGNOU is a good option.

In BA psychology course from IGNOU university help you to learn the basic concept of psychology, Like the origin of psychology, General Psychology, Developmental psychology, and psychology of emotion. These all are the topics in the IGNOU study material.

You can go to the eGyanKosh website of the university and download the study material through this Link –

It will help you to know the quality of study material that will help you to gain deep knowledge about BA Psychology from IGNOU. So, if you are planning for an admission to IGNOU then go through the study material.

It will help you to know if psychology is the right career for you? and what you will learn in three years program at the university.

You can also go through the IGNOU Psychology prospectus through this Link –

It will help you to know an overview of the course. So when you go through the study material and prospectus offered by the university then it will help you to know whether IGNOU is good or not in terms of knowledge point of view.

The next step is you can compare IGNOU study material with DU Psychology books then you will know the quality of study material offered by IGNOU.

Why do You need to Choose a Psychology Course From IGNOU?

Here Are 5 Primary Reasons Why You Need to Choose a Psychology Course From IGNOU University for Your Career?

1. Practical in Psychology

We all know IGNOU is open learning university but for some practical courses, IGNOU provides practical classes. The university provides practical classes to the learner that help them to learn about the psychology technique from the live sessions with highly experienced psychology professors. So this facility is not offered by other open universities.

2. Internship In Psychology

In the final year of BA psychology from IGNOU, The university provides you the opportunity to select a specialization as per your interest in psychology, learners need to choose an internship in counseling psychology or Clinical psychology as per their interest, and Students need to complete an internship at any institute, hospital, NGO or school. The internship duration will be like 7-8 hours daily for 15-20 days.

This internship provides a lot of practical details about psychology in real life, During the internship, students need to prepare a psychology internship file, In the file, students need to mention in detail what he/she learned during the internship. The internship should include, Index page, Case studies, Diagnoses, and remedies.

Students need to complete 5 Case studies during the internship, that help them to learn a lot of things about how psychologists observe the patient, prepare case studies, diagnose the disorder and suggest remedies.

This internship will also help you clarify about is you are really practically interested in psychology or only want to gain theoretical knowledge.

If the student performs great during the internship then the internship institute can hire them full-time as a paid intern and also can offer a job.

In this internship, you will work under the guidance of psychology experts and learn a lot of things about how the human mind works and what is psychology in real life.

So you need to perform well during the internship and you will get the job from the internship institute.

3. Highly Experienced Psychology Professors

IGNOU not only offer quality study material but the faculty of the university is highly experienced and expert in the psychology industry, you will learn a lot from them and they will guide you in your career.

4. Psychology Assignments

IGNOU assignments help you to learn about the whole study material in 10-12 questions, The psychology assignments also help to prepare for exams because a lot of IGNOU exam syllabus comes from the IGNOU assignments. One of the biggest advantages of IGNOU assignments is that 30% of assignment marks will be added to your final exam marks. It helps you to score a good percentage in your graduation.

5. IGNOU Weekend Classes

IGNOU provide weekend classes in BA psychology course, In the classes, highly experienced professional teach you about the subjects, how to prepare IGNOU assignments, IGNOU internship project file, how to choose the right internship institute, and How to do psychology practicals. You can clear your doubts from your professors, After completion of the classes, IGNOU also provides revision and doubt session classes, In these classes, students can clear their doubts and can ask their queries regarding subjects, practicals, internships, and assignments.

The conclusion is that IGNOU is a great university for BA psychology courses.

So, if you are now planning to admission to IGNOU For a psychology course, then you need to fill out the application form from the official website and choose subjects as per your interest. IGNOU conducts admission in June and December means twice a year.

If you still have any queries regarding IGNOU or other institutions then please feel free to ask, our expert will get back to you soon!

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