IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal: How to Apply for Degree/Diploma?

IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal

Recently, IGNOU has started an online portal that serves as a degree delivery portal. After the registration, students who have not received their original certificates yet can request the original certificate at this portal. This blog works as a guide to explain how the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal portal works.

What is the IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

IGNOU Degree delivery portal allows students to register for the receiving of their degree. Most students receive their degrees on time. However, sometimes, because of numerous reasons the degree does not get received on time by the student.

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If that’s the case, students can visit the official website to get accurate details on the portal registration and receive their original certificates as soon as possible.

If you’ve registered online for the portal, you’ll be issued by the Regional Centre/Headquarters.

Who All Are Eligible?

In March & April of 2022, IGNOU arranged its 35th convocation. Most students were awarded their certificates or degrees for bachelor’s, master’s, Postgraduate diplomas, or Diplomas. These certificates were sent directly to the regional centres of the students.

The regional centers, then, awarded the students through a convocation event or sent them directly to the student’s addresses through the post.

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However, some certificates were also sent to the headquarters of IGNOU in Delhi. These include certificate programs or post-graduation certificate programs.

However, multiple students have not received their original certificates even when they have completed their degree or diploma within the given timeframe.

Have a look at this table taken straight from the IGNOU website:

Convocation Date Term-end Examinations covered
20th to 32nd Dec 2007 to June 2018
33rd 17th Feb 2020 Dec 2018, June 2019
34th (virtual mode) 15th April 2021 Dec 2019, June 2020
35th 26th April 2022 Dec 2020, June 2021
36th 3rd April 2023 Dec 2021, June 2022

Students between the 20th and 35th convocations can request their degree at the online portal if they’ve not received their degree yet.

Instructions For Online Portal Registration 2023:

Students have to take note of specific things while registering online for this portal:

  1. Students who have completed their program between December 2020 and June 2022 can apply for this online portal.
  2. All the students applying for the portal online will have to pay a fee to receive their certificates or degrees. For the 34th to 36th convocation, this fee is Rs. 200. The fee is exempted for the certificate program and PG certificate program. If you are required to pay the fees, you can do so by Net Banking or Debit and Credit Card of any bank. Visit the official IGNOU website in case of any doubt or query.
  3. Once the acknowledgment receipt of the payment is received and the registration at the portal is done, you’ll be updated for the next convocation at which you’ll receive your convocation. Depending on the program, you can also receive your certificate directly at your home address via post.

What Are The Steps To Register Online For The IGNOU Degree Delivery Portal?

Follow these steps to complete online registration for the IGNOU degree delivery portal:

  1. Visit the portal at “https://onlineservices.ignou.ac.in/idms/“. Tick the box at the end of the page to accept all the instructions. Click on the option I Agree And Proceed.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select your programs such as Degree/Diploma or certificate.
  3. After choosing the program type, you’ll be taken to another page.
  4. Click on the “New Student Registration” to complete your registration first.
  5. You’d be taken to another page where you have to provide details such as the Enrollment number and other crucial details to get registered.
  6. When the registration is complete, log in with your enrolment number and password.
  7. After the login, again provide other essential details.
  8. Upload crucial documents such as IGNOU ID Card, and Grade Card in the JPG format with a file size not more than that 100 KB.
  9. Make the fee payment, if required.
  10. Lastly, print the acknowledgment of the registration and keep it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. I Have Successfully Completed My Degree or Diploma Program at IGNOU, but I have yet to Receive My Certificate. What Are the Necessary Steps I Should Take?

Ans) If You Find Yourself in a Situation Where You Haven’t Received Your Degree or Diploma Certificate, You Have the Option to Apply Online via the Degree Delivery Portal. Additionally, You Can Inquire About the Whereabouts of Your Certificate by Checking With the Relevant Regional Centre or Headquarters Where Your Certificate Was Dispatched or is Currently Available.

Q2. What Are the Next Steps to Be Taken After Making a Successful Payment of the Fee?

Ans) Upon Completing a Successful Payment of the Fee, It is Advisable to Generate and Retain an Acknowledgement for Your Personal Records. In Case You Do Not Receive an Acknowledgment Immediately, Kindly Wait for a Period of 48 Hours to Allow for Processing.

Q3. If I Have Inquiries or Concerns Regarding My Degree, Diploma, or Certificate, How Can I Obtain Contact Details for the Regional Centres?

Ans) To Obtain Contact Details for the Regional Centres and to Address Any Inquiries or Concerns Related to Your Degree, Diploma, or Certificate, You May Refer to the University’s Official Website. There, You Will Find the Phone Numbers and Email Addresses of All the Regional Centres for Your Convenience.

Q4. What Should I Do if I Come Across Any Discrepancies in the Payment of the Convocation Fee?

Ans) If You Encounter Any Discrepancies or Issues Pertaining to the Payment of the Convocation Fee, We Encourage You to Reach Out for Assistance Using the Following Contact Information:

Feel Free to Utilize These Contact Details to Seek Prompt Resolution of Any Concerns Regarding the Convocation Fee Payment Process.

Finding it complicated to leverage this portal? We sure can assist you. Write in the comment section below and we’d be more than willing to sort out your issues.


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