A New Ray of Educational Hope: IGNOU Study Center (87017) at Tribal College Mihijam

IGNOU Study Center (87017) at Tribal College Mihijam, Jamtara

In a significant development, the IGNOU Study Center (87017) has been established at the Tribal College Mihijam, near Chittaranjan Station in Jamtara district, under the purview of IGNOU Regional Center Deoghar. This initiative aims to provide accessible and quality education to the residents of this region. The recent notification from IGNOU Headquarters, New Delhi, has announced a diverse range of courses, offering local students a wealth of opportunities.

IGNOU Opens a New Study Center (87017) in Tribal College Mihijam:

The IGNOU Study Center (87017) in Tribal College Mihijam will be a game-changer for students in the region. It will offer a wide array of courses, including BA, B.Com, Pass course, Honors programs, MA in Hindi, English, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, M.Com, and MA in Rural Development. This expansion of educational options promises to empower local students by providing them with a broad spectrum of subjects to choose from.

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Meeting the Needs of the Community:

Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra, the Regional Director (P.) of IGNOU, expressed his delight over the opening of this study center. He highlighted the immense benefits it would bring to the local population, especially during the enrollment process for the July 2023 session. In the past, students in Mihijam and Jamtara faced numerous challenges due to the closure of the Special Study Center, previously operated by the Parivartan Foundation. The closure was in compliance with a new government notification aimed at ensuring free and fair education.

Enhanced Learning Facilities:

With the establishment of the IGNOU Study Center (87017) at Tribal College, Mihijam, students can now rejoice as they have a dedicated and fully functional center for their studies. This development is set to ease the difficulties faced by local learners, who previously struggled to access quality education. Check their official website at “http://ignou.ac.in/“.

Convenience for Learners:

One of the major advantages of this new study center is the convenience it offers to the students. IGNOU term-end examinations will be conducted here, making it easier for learners to complete their courses and take their exams in a familiar and accessible location. This added convenience is expected to boost enrollment and help students successfully complete their education.

Community’s Joyful Response:

The news of the establishment of the new IGNOU Study Center (87017) at Tribal College, Mihijam, has brought immense joy to the teachers and staff of the college. It marks a new beginning for the community, as it signifies the commitment to making education accessible to all. The center is not just an educational institution; it’s a beacon of hope for the local population, offering them a chance to expand their horizons and achieve their dreams.


The inauguration of the IGNOU Study Center (87017) at Tribal College Mihijam is a momentous step towards inclusive education. It reflects a vision of equal access to quality education for all and the diverse range of courses ensures that students can choose subjects that align with their interests and career goals. This initiative will not only transform the educational landscape of the region but also empower the local community with the tools to build a brighter future. It is a testament to the power of education in fostering progress and opportunity in the lives of individuals and communities.


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