IGNOU VS DU SOL – Which is the Better Option?

IGNOU and DU SOL both are the most popular distance learning options, So, for this reason, students get confused between these two universities that offer the same programs and are both situated near one another. So in this article you will find the common difference between IGNOU and DU SOL. By reading this article you will be able to decide in which university you should take admission. IGNOU VS DU SOL Which is the Better Option? – This question comes in the mind of almost all the students who want to get their degree through distance medium.

About IGNOU and DU SOL

IGNOU – Indra Gandhi National Open University was established in 1985 under an Act of Parliament, the university is located in Delhi, and IGNOU is one of the most renowned universities in Asia. IGNOU only offer distance education courses, more than 2.9 million students have enrolled on 67 Regional centres of IGNOU.

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DU SOL – SOL is also a popular School Of Open learning and is part of Delhi University. DU is the most prestigious university in the nation. The university was established in 1922, 63 years before Indra Gandhi National Open University. The colleges under DU have NAAC Grade A+ and A Accreditations.

IGNOU and SOL have their pros and cons as per the requirements, here are certain features of each university which will help you to know which is better.

The Reputation of IGNOU VS DU SOL

DU SOL is ranked among the best 20 universities by MHRD on the other hand IGNOU is recognized not only in the nation, The IGNOU degree is also valuable outside the nation, across Asia.

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Courses Offered

DU SOL Courses – This is the most important point from which students can choose the better option for further studies. SOL DU offered limited undergraduate courses like B.com and BA. and post-graduation like M.com and MA. SOL doesn’t provide a degree in the science stream and it offers a particular list for MA subjects and it may possible the list does not hold the subject you asked for.

IGNOU Courses – Indra Gandhi National Open University offers many courses including a bachelor’s program, master’s degree PHD degree and MPhil, IGNOU also provides certification courses and diploma programs in many specialized subjects or courses.

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Review by Success Dunia – It’s true in terms of subjects available, IGNOU has a better stand.

Examination Centre

The exam centre of DU SOL is only in Delhi, on the other hand, IGNOU has centres all over the country and some centres are outside of India. In IGNOU students can choose the nearest location from their home for their examination centre from the list of centres provided by the university.

Review by Success Dunia – Here we can see it’s a win for IGNOU.

IGNOU VS DU SOL – Admission Procedure

There is a cut off list that is released Every Year by Delhi University For admission in Its distance learning department, Called as DU SOL, According to which students get admission in their favorite course. For some courses, students have to clear an entrance test called DUET or Delhi University Entrance Test and on a merit basis, the student can take admission in SOL.

For IGNOU admission you can enroll directly in the course and for the admission in some courses, the university conducts entrance in June and December like JEE, NCHMT, IGNOU OPENMAT, Etc.


This is the main reason to know IGNOU or SOL which one is better. The primary reason to choose distance education is flexible study hours to invest their time in other career opportunities.

In SOL there is no compulsion for attendance for the exams but in IGNOU you need to attend a occasional classes.


If you want to enhance your knowledge from the course, then IGNOU assignments is better for you as it provides deeper knowledge assignments regularly and it carry 30 marks each and the marks of assignments will be counted in examination that helps you to improve percentage.

Note – DU SOL does not provide any assignments as it believes in self-study.

IGNOU VS DU SOL – Study Material

  1. Study Material from IGNOU is exceptional quality that provide every topic briefly and summarized. The material is enough for the preparation.
  2. SOL provides average material but it s not enough for the examination, it believes more on the concept of theory.
  3. IGNOU Degree is recognized all over the world and has the same value everywhere.
  4. In SOL neither has value of the degree outside the nation nor has the same dignity as DU regular degree.

Here, we can see IGNOU VS DU SOL which one is better!

Complicated Levels of Exams

  • The IGNOU student have to go through the syllabus and marking scheme is tough, so student need to be quite prepared for the exams
  • SOL is normal or lesser difficult than IGNOU. It offers a lenient marking scheme.


  • If we talk about management, IGNOU is better than SOL, Study centres are offered to IGNOU students within their proximity across the country to guide students if they have any doubts. From start to the end of the semester, everything is well managed.
  • In SOL, you can’t have study centres to access and sometimes you may face SOL lacks management functionality.

Review by Success Dunia – However, it depends more upon the student view on different norms but from the above points, you can conclude, IGNOU VS DU SOL, IGNOU is surely better.

However, still if you want to know more why IGNOU is better you can ask through the comment box, We provide all the relevant and genuine information about all top universities and colleges of the nation.


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