How Do I Know that IAS is The Right Career For Me?

This article is about the Indian’s favorite government job which is Indian Administrative Service (IAS), so the first question that comes to our mind is IAS the right career for me?

Whenever we think about preparation for the government exam or about a career in a government job the first job profile that comes to our mind is IAS. The UPSC Exam is one of the most prestigious Government exams in India. It is attempted by lakhs of candidates across the country every year. However, only a few candidates crack the IAS exam.

Is IAS the right career for me?

The exam is not only difficult in terms of the length of its syllabus, but it also challenging because of its highly unpredictable nature.

The IAS exam cannot be cracked by just being a bookworm. The last step in the exam process is the personality test, wherein the UPSC board would ask questions to the candidate to evaluate his/her personality and its suitability for a career in the services.

This requires an all-around personality development apart from academic knowledge.

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And even in academics the student focuses not merely on finishing the syllabus and books but constantly acquiring knowledge and insights into the latest happenings with the country and outside the country.

These tips not only help you to crack the exam but also will help you to know if IAS is the right career option for you or not, Because you may know there are a lot of students who spend 5-10 years for the exam but can’t crack it and they stuck there and don’t know what to do. In that case, you need to know these tips and you need to prepare for something that will help you when you will not clear the exam. For example lot of students do B.Ed, or BTC and crack the government teacher exam and side by side prepare for the IAS exam.

Magical Tips To Crack UPSC Exam

There are some areas covered in the UPSC Exam and IAS is one of them, These are some tips through which candidates can crack the UPSC exam.

Why do You want To Become An IAS Officer?

We forget about the “WHY ” in important aspects of our life, You need to ask yourself why you want to be an IAS officer. Is it only about money or fame or something else? The stronger your why then the higher your chances to crack the exam. You need to spend 15 days to 2 months to clear the why. This is the first step of the examination.

Basic Nature & Previous IAS Officer Videos

We all have a different kind of basic nature, some love to study for 8-10 hours daily some hate studies and they study only in the exam time for the passing marks. There is nothing right or wrong with their basic nature, But if you are planning to choose IAS as a career then your basic nature should be study oriented you can study for long hours or you love to study regularly and are interested to know the latest news and updates on daily basis. Watch previous IAS officers’ Videos and review their daily discipline schedule and efforts, if you can follow the same discipline and efforts then go for it.

Subject Strength

Review all syllabus and subject of the IAS examination then analyze your weak points. For example, if you are good in English but weak in history then you can improve your knowledge of history subject but if you are very weak in mathematics and science then don’t go for the preparation. Because if you don’t know the basic math then you need to prepare for 20-22 hours daily for the exam or you need to spend 7-8 years for the exam and still there is no guarantee you will crack it. To analyze the strength and weaknesses of the subjects.

Note: Not demotivating you for the examination just want you to see the reality and not waste a lot of years for this, You can apply for other Government jobs/Private jobs.

If you agree with the opinion or have other views please comment below & want to know more about other examinations then you can comment below or also visit the UPSC official website that is ““.


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