Jamia Hamdard International Students and Sponsored Candidates Admission Process 2023, Documents Required, Eligibility Qualifications, Application Process

Jamia Hamdard International Students and Sponsored Candidates Admission Process

In today’s globalized world, education knows no boundaries. Universities and educational institutions worldwide are opening their doors to international students, recognizing the value of diversity and the sharing of knowledge. Jamia Hamdard, a prominent educational institution in India, is no exception. With its comprehensive guidelines for the admission of international students and sponsored category candidates, Jamia Hamdard ensures a seamless and transparent process for those seeking education in its hallowed halls.

Two Categories, One Destination:

Jamia Hamdard offers admission to international students and sponsored candidates under two categories:

  • A. Foreign Nationals & Non-Resident Indians
  • B. Sponsored Category Candidates

Let’s explore the guidelines and procedures in detail for these two categories:

Jamia Hamdard University has established a dedicated office for foreign student affairs to facilitate the admission process. The FSA not only manages admissions but also provides essential guidance to help international students secure their place in the institution. All correspondence concerning international students should be addressed to the ‘Foreign Students’ Advisor’ of Jamia Hamdard.

To ensure transparency and fairness, Jamia Hamdard adheres to the rules framed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as published on their website (www.ugc.ac.in) when deciding on the eligibility and admission of international students to various courses.

Jamia Hamdard International Students & Non-Resident Indians Admission 2023:

International Students Defined

For the purpose of admission, ‘International Students’ encompasses two categories:

  • International Students: Individuals holding passports issued by foreign countries and people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries are included.
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRI): The term “Non-Resident Indian” is defined as per the Income Tax Law of India.

Jamia Hamdard International Students Admission Process 2023:

The Jamia Hamdard International Students admission process and related details are given below:

Documents Required for Jamia Hamdard International Students Admission:

  • VISA: International students require a ‘Student VISA’ endorsed to Jamia Hamdard or permission from the Government of India for full-time courses. Students joining a research program need a ‘Research VISA.’ NRI students do not require a separate VISA.
  • No Objection Certificate: International students undertaking research work or enrolling in Ph.D. or M.Phil programs must obtain security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the approval of the Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Eligibility Qualifications For Jamia Hamdard International Students Admission:

Qualifications for admission must be equivalent to those recognized by the ‘Association of Indian Universities (AIU). An Equivalence Certificate from AIU is mandatory if the university or board is not included in the AIU’s list.

Admission of International Students in 2023-24 Session:

Admission is handled by the ‘International Students Cell (ISC)’ of Jamia Hamdard, typically at the beginning of the course. Transfer cases may be considered mid-course under special circumstances.

The admission process involves two steps:

  • First Step: Register online, receive a Provisional Admission Offer Letter, and secure a VISA.
  • Second Step: Report to the Foreign Students’ Advisor Office, verify original eligibility certificates, and pay the remaining course fee.

Transfers and Change of Course:

International students are generally not allowed to change courses. Transfers between institutions in India are only permitted under exceptional circumstances.

Government of India Scholars:

International students awarded scholarships by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) or sponsored by foreign governments receive preference in admission and hostel accommodation.

Stepwise Procedure for Admission of International Students for Full-Time Courses:

  • Application: Apply online and pay the registration fee.
  • Provisional Admission Offer Letter: Obtain the letter after eligibility verification.
  • VISA: Submit the letter to the Indian Embassy for the ‘Student VISA.’
  • Admission: Report to Jamia Hamdard for admission, verifying required documents and completing formalities.
  • Medical Fitness: Undergo a medical fitness examination.
  • Confirmation: Admission is confirmed upon verification of VISA, certificates, and payment of fees.
  • Part-Time Courses: International students studying full-time at other institutions can be admitted to part-time courses, provided their VISA remains valid for the duration of the course.
  • FRRO Registration: Within two weeks of arrival in India, register with the ‘Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO)’ of the Delhi Police.

Examination and Award of Degree & Diploma:

The examination and degree award procedures are the same for international students as for Indian students in the same courses.

Financial Assistance for Meritorious Students

Jamia Hamdard offers discounts on tuition fees for meritorious international students based on their performance. Criteria for discounts are:

  • 25% discount with 75% attendance and 75% marks in aggregate.
  • 15% discount with 75% attendance and 65% marks in aggregate.

Withdrawal of Admission:

Refund of fees for international students upon admission withdrawal follows Jamia Hamdard’s guidelines.


International students must maintain 75% attendance to be eligible for examinations.

Ph.D. Program:

International students fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria for admission to Ph.D. programs are welcome to apply. Detailed information can be found on the Jamia Hamdard website.


International students are expected to adhere to the rules and code of conduct applicable to Indian students.

Jamia Hamdard prides itself on its commitment to welcoming students from around the world. Its transparent guidelines and supportive processes ensure that international students and sponsored candidates can embark on a fruitful educational journey, contributing to the rich tapestry of the institution. Visit the university website at “https://jamiahamdard.edu/” for more details.


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