How Paraphrasing Tools Make Assignment Writing Easier?

Often, students face difficulty creating unique assignments in the internet’s age. But there are several ways to make assignments sound unique and original without sacrificing the content’s quality. And one of the ways is to consider the help of modern-day paraphrasing tools.

People know paraphrasing tools for paraphrasing text with one click. But modern-day paraphrasing tools can do more than paraphrasing. So, if you want to know how, this blog post is for you.

Here, you will learn how paraphrasing tools can enhance content quality and make it unique through its features. So, without any further delay, let’s delve in.

What is Paraphrasing in Academic Writing?

In academic writing, paraphrasing is the art of explaining an existing concept in your words without changing its context. But since you are using another person’s work, citing the reference of the original idea is necessary. Otherwise, you can fall prey to paraphrasing plagiarism.

How Can Paraphrasing Tools Write Unique Assignments?

An AI-powered paraphrasing tool aims to eradicate plagiarism by rephrasing the content as humans. So, such a tool takes assistance from the following strategies to make the content unique:

1. Restructures the Sentences:

When it comes to making the content unique, most modern paraphrasing tools change words and rephrase sentences. For that, such tools take assistance from GPT-3 technology.

The GPT-3 technology is a machine-learning model trained with human writer datasets. So, such technology proves helpful in rephrasing the text in a human-like manner. This means that, unlike non-AI tools, a paraphraser employing GPT-3 can even rephrase a sentence, as well as a passage instead of just replacing words with synonyms.

This is really good for assignment writing because many times students are required to use passages from other works to support their own. They can utilize a GPT-3 paraphraser to rephrase a sentence that is too hard to make it easier to read.

How does this help in creating unique assignments? When you use different words to describe something, you remove plagiarism due to similar wording. The same thing is happening here. Of course, citations need to be provided as long as the source material is not public-domain because not doing so results in paraphrasing plagiarism.

2. Includes the Relevant Synonyms:

Content redundancy is one of the main reasons for the low quality of content. However, you can reduce content repetition or redundancy with the help of an AI-powered paraphrasing tool. Too much repetition can result in duplication and plagiarism.

Repetition implies that the writer has a very limited vocabulary which means that there is a considerable chance of self-plagiarism in your assignment. But paraphrasing tools can help with that.

All paraphrasing tools can also enhance the vocabulary of content. For that, such tools take assistance from their vast database to replace some specific words with their synonyms. Doing this makes your assignment unique and different from your previous ones, thereby reducing the chances of committing self-plagiarism as well as accidental plagiarism.

However, unlike traditional rephrasing tools, the synonym replacement of the AI-powered paraphrasing tool is more accurate. That’s because such tools work on Natural Language Processing (NLP). The NLP technology helps modern-day rephrasing tools in detecting the input context. This way, such tools can understand if a particular synonym will fit better according to the context.

Thus, the availability of AI-powered fluent paraphrasing tools not only reduces repetition but can also improve the delivery of content.

3. Modifies the Writing Tone:

Previously old-school tools were not powerful enough to work on academic content. But that’s not the case anymore, thanks to the assistance of AI and its sub-branches. With technologies like GPT-3, online free paraphrasing is more viable than ever.

Students should be quite happy to read this because online tools are their best friends. They have trouble paying for subscriptions as they are recurring expenditures. That’s why online free paraphrasing is attractive for them.

Nowadays, some modern-day paraphrasing tools have a dedicated ‘Formal’ mode. So, suppose you don’t know the tone of writing formal content. In that case, you can take assistance from an academic paraphrasing tool. This also helps a little bit with creating unique assignments. By changing the tone you can make your assignment unique compared to the ones written by your fellow students.


Paraphrasing tools are incredible. They make it easier to write unique assignments by changing the content’s tone and reducing its redundancy. But paraphrasing tools can only work well if you know how to operate them.

Even with the availability of paraphrasing tools, you should not entirely depend on such tools. But if you do, it can affect your writing skills. So, before moving on to writing an assignment, you should spend enough time in the research phase. Doing so will decrease the likelihood of including copied content in an assignment.

However, once you have completed the draft of your assignment, you can run your content in the best paraphrasing tools. This way, you can enjoy the different features of a paraphrasing tool and improve the content’s quality.


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