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Policy On Website Usage

Before using the portal, read the instructions carefully, Welcome to the “Success Dunia”-Owned website ““. Every visitor to this website is subject to these terms and conditions, and it is considered that by accessing and using, you have read, understood, and consented unqualifiedly and irrevocably to these terms. You must not use this website if you disagree with these terms.

Overview of Success Dunia:

The website is the portal that provides admission procedures for the course, colleges and institutions of interest, Success Dunia helps students find the courses, colleges or institutions they are interested in.. Students are guided through the application process by Success Dunia, which also familiarizes them with all of the various study options. Regardless of whether they are a partner college or another listed college, Success Dunia does not accept applications or registrations on behalf of any university or college. The student is believed to have requested the assistance of the Successdunnia team by applying to any course or college/institution on the website.


The company does not aim to retain the data of users under the required age because the website is not intended to attract users under the age of 13. The user is considered to have warranted and represented that they meet the aforementioned basic standard by evaluating or using the portal. The user and its information will be removed upon receipt of any information that is contrary to what has been stated.

Creating a user account on Success Dunia

When a user creates an account on, the website aims to protect any private information they supply in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined above. By opening an account, the user accepts the conditions necessary to safeguard the privacy of their username and password, and they are solely responsible for any actions taken under their account. Additionally, the user consents to assume all liability and responsibility for any actions taken while using the login. Additionally, the user consents to receive SMS and emails with information about the institution and course they have applied for as well as other comparable colleges and Programmes.

Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy only applies to Success dunia, the website it links to is subject to the terms of use and/or privacy policy of those specific websites. The website makes use of tracking technologies like cookies, Some cookies and other technologies might be used to retrieve Personal Information that a Web user has already stated.

The majority of browsers provide you with the option to manage cookies, including how to accept them or reject them, By giving us your information in the methods outlined below, you agree to our privacy policy and permit us to use your information as described above.

Information that the website collects:

On Success dunia, there are two ways to collect data: contact forms (which collect information about users’ interests, educational backgrounds, and ages, among other things) and login/signup (by creating a user account, visitors agree to the website’s terms of service). Information that is collected may be personal or non-personal. Subject to conformity with relevant laws, we may store, acquire, utilize and process your information. The website gathers user data to offer suggestions that are customized to the student’s profiles and keep them updated on the status of their application processes.

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